Hi! We are Jan & Marian Baars. We are the proud owners of Hoeve Spoorzicht!

Jan belongs to the 3rd generation of this company and milked the cows since he was 16 years old. These days he look after young cattle for a co-farmer.

We love to let our guests of the B&B, ‘de Hooiberg’ and ‘het Rustpunt’ enjoy our farm as well. Our goal is to make our guests admire the farmers life just as much as we do. We want to stay busy, keep on working and receive lovely people.

Nowadays we are proud grandpa & grandma of some wonderful grandchildren and we enjoy it to the fullest when they come over to play at the farm. The real party take place in spring, when the cows see the meadows for the first time. We invite our guests at the B&B and family to come over and eat pancakes with us. A wonderful tradition!

We want our guests to enjoy our farm as much as possible and we hope to give this valuable experience for a very long time. We hope to see you at Hoeve Spoorzicht!  

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