In the immemorial town Papekop, in the middle of the beautiful polder landscape ‘the Green Heart’, is ‘Hoeve Spoorzicht’ established. For both holidaymakers as business guests is ‘Hoeve Spoorzicht’ the perfect location for a peaceful stay.

‘Struinen en Vorsen’
Jan & Marian started 20 years ago with recreation and eductational education. They were one of the first companies who joined the organization ‘Struinen en Vorsen’. This organization stands for the expansion of agriculture in ‘the Green Heart’. Jan & Marian arranged their own walks for a few times a year. Jan told a story about the farm and Marian made soup, colostrum or rice pudding afterwards.

‘De Hooiberg’ – The Haystack
People can celebrate parties, set up meetings and give workshops in ‘de Hooiberg’.  

The farm
Until 2011 Jan & Marain runned their own dairy farming together. These days they look after the cattle of a co-farmer. 40 cows stay here until they are 2 years old. Then they go back to the owner. Furthermore you will find a enthusiastic dog and a vegetable garden at the farm. Marian makes jam and juice for the guests of the B&B. During breakfast guests enjoy regional products and fruit/greens from the vegetable garden.

The B&B
In 2011 the old farm was replaced by a new residential house with a spacious upper floor. In 2014 Jan & Marian opened the B&B at the upper floor. The B&B is completely equipped and guests enjoy the life at the farm. Jan & Marian have the ambition to provide a special stay for every guest and they read with satisfaction the positive reviews in the guestbook. Recently the B&B received a 9,9 award from! Jan & Marian are fulfilled with this achievement and hope to continue this success for a while.

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